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Mar 26, 2007


Angus Whines

Nice sum up, particularly for those of us stuck at the bottom of Australia, thanks Ben.

Rob Mortimer

Some nice summing up, thanks :)

True about most of the questions, though I did enjoy the unknown woman having a rant then singing the praises of Fallon before asking half a question!


So who was shit ?

And can we have a bit of commentary on the building ? If it was the one off Tottenham Court Road it's a seminal piece of architecture.

Rob Mortimer

No one was really shit on performance, but the most derided content is easily Kevin Roberts.

He said lots of interesting stuff...that we already know.

He made a few "bold" statements that say the obvious or what has already been the case.

The building was great, roomy and comfortable, nice interior decor.


Tom - some of the viral stuff was bit tiresome.

The ceiling was lovely: http://www.flickr.com/photos/benterrett/430400776/in/set-72157600015870923/


smashing roundup.

see you wednesday.


nice yellow jacket. hmmm…

dan at innocent

I too am interested in the yellow jacket. Is there a story behind it? It's not an everyday purchase.


It's not yellow.

It's gold.

It's also made of corduroy. Good thick corduroy not that thin rubbish you see these days.

It's a whole suit, but the trousers don't get the 'wears' they deserve, really.


I've seen it 'live', and it works, seriously.

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