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Mar 15, 2007



Absolutely spot on, Ben and Marcus. Thanks very much for this - I'll do my best to spread the word.


Severn Print are also well worth a mention - they've been doing the green printing thing for years and are usually the first people I turn to when sourcing a environmentally-friendly job. http://www.severnprint.co.uk/


Great advice for designers. Thanks from down under.


Thank you - an eye opener.

Brad Brooks

Yeah, I'll second Tom on Severnprint. We use them too.


Interesting. This will be a starting point for us at our small design studio (in Sweden) to be able to actually change some of our working methods and advicing policy on print jobs. Thank you for bringing this piece together.

David Shorto

Does anyone know of printing companies outside of the UK, that hold ISO 14001 ?


Peter Ditton

MarcusGreat blog to read, i would like to clarify that where you mention FSC ""You can't just get any old printer to print on FSC papers, they must have this accreditation" This is somewhat mis-leading any printer can print with FSC paper but for a customer to have the FSC logo printed on there job, the printer must have the FSC chain of custody certification. hope this helps.
Another printer who has been promoting green printing for the last 10 years is breckland print in Norfolk give them a look.


Hi Peter - you are of course right, and thanks for pointing that out. If, however, you could point me in the direction of a company who wouldn't, in the current eco-marketing-branding climate, want to have the FSC logo printed in their work I would be most grateful.

Glad you like the blog. It's not mine - it's Ben's and it is rather good isn't it?

Liam Kelly

For UK - check these options out:

For CA, USA - try:
or MD, USA - try:

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