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Mar 01, 2007



It's excellent. Good work folks.


Beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations.




Very nice piece of work, that.

Luis V.

I'm a tad bit put off by the style, but that's just my taste. The most important thing, the typographic information, is clear. As a whole, it's executed nicely. It's consistant, and it works. One great thing is that you can change the style easily, if need be. Isn't looking ahead part of graphic design? I think this illustrates that notion.

Charles Edward Frith

I didn't like it this morning, so I thought I'd keep my opinions to myself. But now I I'm a convert. It's very good.


The way you thought about the whole project is great, congratulations, and I love the idea of not-so-quite-controlled design. Perfectly controlled design is just designers' utopia.


Very nicely done. I especially like the "How to Use This Site" section - I think too often we forget that although we may be quite experienced in website usability, a lot of folks aren't. With such a user-generated site, it helps to give them a quick spot to see how they can get involved.

I must admit, the "Upload your ideas" made me think I'd have to have created a word doc, or image, or video already to upload something to the site, rather than simply leaving a comment. "Post your ideas" may have lead me to believe it'd be easier and I could just leave a comment/message. Just a thought.


Very nicely done indeed.

You're clearly more intelligent than Lebowski.

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