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Mar 30, 2007



Nice laminate. Have you been taking photo advice from (Ace Jet) Richard?


Can you tell us whats that? :)


A space for your Innocent vending machine?

Do I win a prize?

Rob Mortimer

Innocent vending machine? Wow.


It's 1 metre square. That's the amount of space we're allowed for a secret project we're working on.

Nothing to do with innocent or vending machines.


David - no I haven't taken any lessons unfortunately. Richard's photography remains the best in the blogosphere.


But it's not square. The tape on the right-hand side has a slight curve towards the top corner. Or is that maybe a clue?

Someday Somebody

I think that a group of builders have masked out an area 1m sq. to carry out some very important, nay essential, road-works inconveniently through the middle of your polished laminate floor?

Or perhaps you are installing an ATM and its a 'privacy zone' that you cant go inside?

Or perhaps its the start of a design for another flag? That golden floor sealer type thing may make a good flagpole?

Rob Mortimer


Ben H

A secret project huh? You can't work in a metre square on a project! I bet it's a hatch that leads to another larger area below for your 'secret project'.

If only it was an Innocent Vending Machine!


Nice trap door.


Actually I believe it's some sort of special mirror project. You see the left side of the gold line is actually a mirror but there's no reflection, it's all very clever!!

Ben H

Oh yeh! Ha! Look at a darker piece of laminate, and then see if you can find the reflection of it... you can't... This just gets weirder and weirder...


So when are you going to tell us after all?


Not yet.

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