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Mar 08, 2007


van cooley

Well, I too was intrigued, as I am a handbag nut. After searching online with no results, I went back to the translated German Vogue article and figured out that Mango is not the name of the color, but the designer. They are based out of Barcelona. Disappointing to say, there doesn't appear to be any real connection to Pantone. Cheers!

For online shop:

For photos of their runway collection:


I was in Japan for 4 years and the pantone `brand` is crazy over there, you can get everything from pantone pencil cases, note books and now even moblie phones, check this link to have a look


as karls says, in japan that's crazy, they even have pantone cellphones (a bit ugly i must say)


Yes, "Mango" is the designer and the translation is not too bad. Change "luxurioses" to "luxurious"; "Schokobraun" to "brown" and "Nappaleder" to "leather"... does it make more sense now?


Delicious! Though I imagine I would enjoy the display more than having just one...


No light shedding here. I see Pantone products and scratch my head. Pantone is simply my guide to display colors properly in the print shop. When did it become an idea for branding products?

...Color isn't new...


Nice to have you back, ben.
The idea of choosing any colour you like (surely pantone's uniqueness) is great-hard to reflect that ultimate choice in a range of a few bags.


As I mentioned in my last comment I have been in Japan for 4 years and will leave in the next few months. Something that I have been wondering whilst I have been here is, has the pantone `brand` taken of in England? the answer looking at this post Ben is; maybe its trying to?
If you were in Japan you could lay out your whole studio in your favourite pantone colour if you liked . But, it does`t stop at pantone colours in Japan high street shops sell Gill Sans T-shirts and a whole range of linotype goods....
Personaly I don`t think much of the bags, it very much seems that someone from mango has visited Japan saw the whole pantone brand going `crazy` over there and thought `lets give it a go` will it work here? I doubt it.

Ben 2

Firstly, I'm not the real Ben. But I'm just as cool... ;)

I haven't seen these bags around in England, although I'm not exactly a handbag enthusiast.

What's special about them anyway? I like the way their displayed though...


Red plastic hands sticking out of an over sized pantone book...mmm. There is nothing to like about the way these bags are displayed.


Why are they called Pantone bags when the colors –according to the German Vogue article– are "peach", "emerald green" and "jeans-blue" ?! Shouldn't it rather be Pantone694, Pantone341, and 534?


I know the bags are by Mango, I took the pictures in Barcelona.

What I'm puzzled about is;

1. Is this an official tie up with Pantone? It certainly looks like it, they use what looks like an official logo.

2. Why does it say 'Coloured by you'? Given Pantone's raison d'être that suggests that you can choose a handbag and get it produced in any Pantone colour you like. I could see no evidence of this.

3. Why are the colours peach and emerald green and not Pantone numbers (as Claaspb says)?


I can't believe I just said raison d'être on this esteemed blog.


now I just took a close look again.. and even though the PANTONE logo shure looks real, it might not be. The ® is only shown on the big color chart in the window display – since the colors and colorcodes are undenyably a PANTONE product. But on the window and on the free-standing display there's no sign of a trademark ®; maybe because there is no registered trademark here?


surely they'd use the uncoated swatches for leather...


The `real` pantone products in Japan are displayed in a much more tasteful `Pantone-like`
way, as I said in my last post this display lacks design.


I think that the reason the Pantones have names instead of numbers is because they have used fabric Pantones rather than print for the actual bag, which in fact have a name AND a number.

So it looks like they've used Pantone print numbers for the display, and not the actual bags, to confuse things...

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