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Apr 12, 2007


vos b

Yep, looks like a next generation Smartboard to me. Work so well, soooo expensive...

claire Gates

I know that you are now jealous.


Are you telling me you're not familiar with the work of Jeff Han? :)

Amazing video at: http://portal.vpod.tv/loiclemeur/135867

Now that is the real Minority Report stuff!


I've seen these before, interactive whiteboards. I used to work with an education centre that had one and it was awesome (expensive but worth it they said). Anything we did on the Macs could be controlled on there just like using a touch screen.


Note: If you are that bloke, please don't worry. I don't think Ben stalks people out of habit.

As for the technology; no idea - but those links alby posted look amazing.

Rob Mortimer

Probably similar technology to that used in the face movement device thing at the FMS


they're in most secondary schools these days. they're pretty low res and the contrast isn't great unless you black out the room, but they are fun to play around with...


Yeah, my old school had loads of them, though I never really got to use one. We messed around with them a bit in I.T. and once or twice in science, but they need to come up with ways to intergrate them into the classroom more effectively.
I can see that they'd be useful fro giving presentations though.

Ben H

My primary school had one in each class, and nearly all of the classrooms in my school now have them.

Londoners are sooooooo behind.



I want a BLACKBOARD. And I'm going to get one. I'm going to put in in my shed - with the other items I've been saving to put in my shed - currently comprising a Newbery cricket bat (beautiful), a red crowbar and a yellow spirit level.


Like this?


That's a nice, nice touch Ben. But no. A more traditional form of one.

More like this:


Looks like you are using the wrong sort of chalk on yours.

By the way - I am looking for a recommendation - and you seem to be the kind of man who may be able to help me.

What kind of pencil lead is the best for drawing (ie. sketching) ? I have a sketch pad with matt, quite rough paper in.


If you liked that, you should check out www.mediazest.com. There's several things in each product category, my personal favourite being the video 'gobo' (i.e. a holographic panther in a clothes store)...
Enjoy :)
(PS I am in no way affiliated with the company, i just admire their stuff!)


You can't go wrong with a 2B.

A green blackboard? Surely not.


It's just the light. It will be black.

Thanks for the recommendation too.

John Dodds

Jeff Han's first time at TED - he was back this year.


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