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Apr 26, 2007


Daniel Vesma

I've been hassling the Watershed in Bristol to show it - no joy thus far.

It's not even available for purchase or ...ahum.... legal download. I'd pay to see it on the screen, or at home... I just want to see it!

David Airey :: Creative Design ::

A screening is scheduled for London, but no date as yet (as you can see at the foot of this page: http://www.helveticafilm.com/screenings.html ).

I hope it comes to Edinburgh.

On a side-note, I published a short feature on your blog over on mine.

Keep it up, Ben.


I want to see it here - in australia (in newcastle)... no chance? I wish we could buy a digital version...


If you send an email to the film's creator she is very open about organizing screenings. A group of us here in NY emailed her and she was very nice :) I think you can find her email on the site


yay! i am seeing it tomorrow.


Ahem, where?


I'd love to see it, keep us posted Ben.


I caught Helvetica in Boston with my co-workers. It is GREAT - it will make you feel like a rock star! The director did a Q&A and said that eventually this movie will make it to DVD. Very talented guy - I hope he makes his sequel that he's called "Revenge of the Serif" haha


We're trying to get it to Belfast, have our best people on the job but, so far, our emails have received no response. My new best friend (he doesn't know that and if he did he might be scared), Stephen Coles, knows people and got Gary Hustwit to attend the San Franscisco screening He says we should just persevere, the organisers are travelling a lot at the moment.

It's due in Dublin in June so we just need to get it up the road.


Good tip. Thanks Richard.

John Dodds

If you work with a film festival, museum, cinema, or arts group and would like to organize a screening, please contact us via email: helvetica (at) swissdots.com

Jim Kidwell

We were fortunate enough to just have director Gary Hustwit and designer David Carson at the Portland, Oregon showing. About half of the audience was graphic designers, and was a real hoot. We're giving away a few movie t-shirts on our blog, if you're interested.




Hi Ben

I know that the guys who are organising the DE07 design festival in Newcastle upon Tyne have got the film for the Autumn.


I think Vaughan Oliver is going to speak at the same gig, but that might be a seperate event.



I'm Sure must to be quite easy organise it. Probably would even worth to show it couple of times, because depending where will be sold out in a second.

I'll see places where could be screen it! ;)


Hoping upon hope that they'll show it in Nottingham - we seem to have more design agencies per capita than anywhere else... I think the demand would be pretty high, don't know why the 'launch' is rolling out so slowly, especially in the UK


according to their site, helvetica is showing in ireland on thursday and friday, then back to the states. any word on it in london, or even in england?

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