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Apr 15, 2007


Alex Parrott

Hi Ben,

Good post – lots to remember for the future. Is that really true about the klaxon?


Before I get started I just want to say I am not anti DandAD but....
"advertising always wins"?
"there's a lot of shit out there"
Is this because a lot of the 'decent' graphic design work going on right now never gets entered? If you are a fairly big studio you can easily find the 100s of pounds it costs to enter (per project) each year but, a smaller studio will struggle. Now I know DandD does a lot for students which is great , however Graphic design has changed a lot since the book started and I personally feel that a small studios are finding it less attractive to enter thus using the web and smaller zines to expose their work.
Its true that there is a lot of shit out there as the design week post "has graphic design hit a watershed" mentioned a few months back. However there is a lot of amazing work out there but for some reason (my guess money) its not entered in the DandAD Awards.


Karl, that's a valid point.

Certainly there was good work that I've seen in the year that I didn't see entered.

And it is expensive, yeah. And obviously the big agencies can afford to enter loads of work into loads of categories.

Alex, I'll leave you to guess.

claire Gates

Really good review Ben. Cheers.

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