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Apr 23, 2007



That's really cool! I'd be extra impressed if they'd put an iPod charger in there, I'm always forgetting mine!

The best idea I've seen in a long time is the Solio Charger:

It's OK having chargers everywhere, and it's certainly convenient, but not sustainable. (Why not add a solar panel to the top of the Chargebox when used outdoors?)

For those on the go there is also the Solar Backpack:


the first link I posted hasn't shown up correctly. It should be:


James Gregory

I could be going mad, but I'm sure the Leeds and Reading festivals have the Orange booths too; there might have even been one for iPods as-well. Alas, high quantities of alcohol may have induced dreams of a happier, fuller battery, time.

Alex Rosu

I remember seeing one of those in a restaurant in Stockholm some 6 years ago - they seemed very useful, as half of the people in the restaurants just left their phone there to charge and be at peace while eating.

claire Gates

The company that made the one at ExCel is called design stream



In Tokyo there are a lot of these cell phone charger station, usually at the convenience store. If I remember correctly, you charge them for ten minutes. They also have these disposable batteries which you can attach to your cell phone. These seem more popular, especially when you miss the last train home.

Though the ideas of having them in restaurants sounds cool.


wow! I could go on and on about Japan and its charger stations there are so many different kinds and all over, if your battery goes in Japan you have to walk about five steps before you have come across a place/thing to charge it. I laughed when I read this post as it reminded me just how far behind the U.K is on things like this. It is a great idea, but one that is very very very old.

Amelia Torode

Have you seen this in Japan?


That's a fabulous link, thanks Amelia.

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