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May 24, 2007



Don't think it's ever led to a question.

Usual responses:

"My son wants to do that"
"My son does that"
"My computer does that"
"My wife bought a book to show her how to do that"
"I bought my wife a book to show her how to do that"

I tell a lie. I suppose the one 'question' I may get asked is of the variety:

"Ooh. I need a new web site. If I give you fifty quid/let you put your email address on it/buy you a pint will you do it for me/show me how to do it/show my son how to do it/show my wife how to do it before the end of the week/the end of the day/the end of Coronation Street?"

Anyway, you think you've got it bad. How do you think it goes down when I say I *teach* graphic design? Always have a loud fart ready to break the awkward silence.


The answer's not to go to dinner parties.


In Brasil, usually the question still is "What?". After you take your time to explain, then people will answer: "Ah, Advertising?".

Brad Brooks

I agree with Jonathan. It's either "Can you do a website for me for £50?" or "what colours should I paint my walls?".

Graham Salmon

So you don't own a suit then....?


Are you gay then?


"So what's that then?"
Many folk still don't know what GD is. Mind you many designers in my experience can't agree either: problem solvers vs commercial artists…


"What colours should I paint my walls?" is the second question usually asked. The first one is "Can you help me to choose my furniture?".
Unfortunalety I'm an architect, I usually build houses (schools, churches, hotels...),sometimes I also choose the furniture for "my" buildings, but it's not the only thing I do.


By the way, the one I get asked is; So you use computers then? Followed by; all Macs I suppose?

John Dodds

Are you gay and what would you do with my hair?

Mike Towers

Do you use Microsoft Publisher?


could you have a look at my business cards.


If you want a real dense silence, try explaining you design magazines. That REALLY confuses people: 'So you take the pictures?'; 'So you write the articles?'. Once the job is described in more detail there is the further silence as they realise that – jeez – every single page has attention from a designer. Every page! Not just the front cover!


"You mean with computers?"


"Is that similar to interior design?".

Which I suppose it is, in a way.

Ahsan R. Shami

Which clients have you worked with?

Eddie Gonzalez

"Oh. So what do you do?"

Maybe we should have business cards, and on the back have a definition of "Graphic Design" . . . and include answers to the typical questions, e.g. No, I don't work for free; it costs more than $50 to create a website; we don't all dress the same . . . and so on.

Felipe Tofani

"so, what is that really? something to do with those cool computers?"

brett jordan

It must be great getting to spend all day drawing pictures.


What is Graphic design?


"Neat! My brother is in a band, can you make a website for them? He has a big budget, at least $150.00"


So does that mean you get to pick the fonts?


1. "What's that?"

2. "Could you design a website for me?"

3. There usually isn't much more than the abovementioned two as I tend to change the topic after that.


So...like...with computers?

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