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May 29, 2007



I was tempted to say, "How long's it going to take to screen print 5 T-shirts" but that would be crass and inapropriate. Especially when mine's top of the pile.


Haha, that's was just one day's post. There's more than 5 now.


Thanks again for doing this Ben.

Paul H. Colman

Yeah - thanks a million Ben, you're a star.


i am so looking forward to getting my shirt: kid-at-christmas type looking forward to!

oh, and if there are heaps and you need a general dogsbody to clean squeegies/screens, or fold and pack shirts once they're dry, am happy to use my current spare time helping out :)


Thanks Lauren


Now I feel very bad. And so I should. Shame on me! What I should have said was, "Can't wait to wear my T" and "Only wish I could be there", but it's too late now.


Thanks for being there Ben, in every way.


What do I send? I couldn't find the original post?


Mine has just gone in the post. It's the shirt from the last conference i went to. It's like one of those walking sticks that you attach little metal badges to. Thanks in advance.


Will - are you joking?


sorry, just being a bit slow. I temporarily forgot about the whole send in tshirts get them screenprinted to take to the conference! Alas, I couldn't get tickets so erm, carry on!


sent last week.
but, alas, it is coming from the States, where they told me it was impossible to figure return fair.
i said, "impossible?! really!?"
shocking. or, not.
not, i should say.
did enclose monetary bribe instead of actual return post fee.

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