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May 15, 2007


claire Gates

Erm..I think you're going a bit far now Ben. It's frickin' newspaper type, you can't apply design rules to that.

I mean, look at the Mail for gawd's sake. (Actually - don't it might make you ill)


I'm not suggesting that newspapers move away from force justification - that would be crazy.

I just like to highlight little curiosities for you all.


Good catch.


Justifying without breaking (enough) words is like losing weight on a fried Mars bar diet.




Sorry, bit nosy.
Is this the FT? Always see this kind of typographic problems on the FT, even the new one.


Yes it was the FT.


They broke another typography rule.

"2.4.7 Avoid beginning more than two consecutive lines with the same word."
- Robert Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Design 3.1, Page 43.


I enjoyed it. Thanks ben.

John Dodds

Perhaps he's more captivated by newspapers and this is in fact design brilliance? Perhaps not.

David Atkinson

Don't mean to nitpick but two isn't 'more than two'.

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