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May 26, 2007



Are you the person who sat down next to me?


Thanks for that Ben. Good roundabout.


Thanks for that Ben. Good roundup.


Roundabout? I'm going insane.


Hi Kazumasa! No, Paul and Tom were sat next to you.


Hi Ben!
sorry...Are you the person who was in the other side of a table, by any chance?
I wanted to talk with various people about Creative.
I study English......

Then Japanese foods are more delicious than that.


Yes, that was me.


that tower of letters game looks fun! i hope they ended up going to a good home afterwards.


Good sushi is expensive. But that doesn't look like sushi. Or expensive.

(ah, that lovely list of Barcelona restaurants... sad, sad)


Way back when I was at college I went to some D&AD Student Awards thing at the Barbican. Milton Glaser was there giving out the awards and this bunch of students at our table from Glasgow got really drunk and started throwing ice cubes at him. One hit him right on the head but he just stood there grinning like it never happened.

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