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May 14, 2007



See everyone you went to school with, and had forgotten about for ages. But you'll never miss their birthday again.


delete the account, and never speak of it again! hah


you basically find people you once knew, add them as friends, say hi, and then remember why you aren't friends any more. you can also change your profile picture periodically, but that's about it.


Make friends with strangers and try and sleep with them or play Second Life with them. I think that amounts to the same thing. You could at least put something in your profile, it's a bit sparse.


Sit back and SPY on everyone!

Ben H

i too joined yesterday, thought exactly the same thing!


It's main uses are sharing photos from drunken nights out, arranging 'events'*.

*drunken nights out

Tom Gifford

Feel very old? Panic about whether uploading all your drunken photos is a good career move? Adn yet despite that I still find it strangely addictive.


Face book is cool but we still use myspace to promote our band. Whats cool is the automation software out there like http://www.myfriendbuilder.com/ it automates adding friends and emails. Probably not for what you are useing myspace for but it is great for bars and bands.

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