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May 19, 2007



the 'mosaic' of that flickr set is a work of art in itself! nice documentation of a properly brilliant piece of architecture - you know, one that not only looks good, but works properly.

John Dodds

Visually reminds me a little of the pictures I've seen of the Heatherwick staircase in Paris, but this is much more practical.


This is fantastic! - I'm especially liking the architect portraits/mini pictograms. As much as I really like the look of the stairway with the ramp incorporated, is it easy to climb? It looks like it'd be all too easy to trip up because there isn't enough of the most shallow steps visible? I really hope I'm wrong on this, I just hope it's not another 'Phillippe Starck Juicer' design! Also, you wouldn't want to push a wheelchair up that ramp, it'd take 10mins a time! ;)


I think the portrait / pictograms, and all graphics were designed by 2x4. More images on their website: www.2x4.org

Debbie Smith

You should check out the stairs outside Exchange Square in London (Behind Liverpool Street Station). The stairs there are similar to the ones you found.

Debbie Smith

You should also Google: La Maison Unique. A staircase designed by Heatherwick Studio for Longchamp's flagship store at 132 Spring Street, New York, NY 100012


The stairs are a little wierd the first couple times you go up them, but after once or twice you figure them out. They are actually quite fun, especially when you get to go up them every day.

Bertha Brickner

The stair case is pretty interesting! Never saw such handicap-friendly stairs. Check this site out - http://www.gmanews.tv/largevideo/latest/63481/mmda-footbridges-not-handicap-friendly. Can you imagine how hard it is for a man on wheelchair and to the one that pushes him to push through with that steep ramp? And also it is much harder for them to go down since it is so steep that it can get them injured.

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