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May 31, 2007



Certainly warms the old cockles......right down to where he's signed it - they don't make 'em like they used to. Would it win one of those nifty Pencils today? Who cares? Top stuff - actually met him once - very humble chap, still totally passionate in his autumn years.
Lovely - nice to start the day on that - Thanks...



I'd recommend this book on the man:


It inspired possibly the best piece of graphic design I've ever done.


That's so neat. Abram Games used to be a regular guest at the uni I went to, before I was there but the tutors had some good stories about him. We had this old blackboard we used to write 'fuck you' and stuff on, they told us to respect it because it was the one Abram Games liked to use.

Rob Mortimer

Funny really. The London Underground probably has the longest sustained period of graphic design quality of any brand in the uk.


I like this bit the best: "Never popular with his employers, he was fired in 1936 after being caught jumping over four chairs as a joke"... what a poster-boy!

naomi games(Abram's daughter)

Thanks for these great comments. You may be interested to know that there isn exhibition at:
Foyer / James Hockey Galleries
University College for the Creative Arts
at Farnham
Falkner Road
Farnham Surrey GU9 7DS

Tel: +44 (0) 1252 892646
23 June - 11 August 2007


What about 'a plane every 90 seconds' for Heathrow terminal 3 - now that would be a challenging brief - lovely poster by the way !


Thanks Naomi, that exhibition looks good.

Rob Mortimer

I didnt realise he designed the BBC Batwings ident! Brilliant.

If I am about London then i'll definitely try and make that.

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