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May 14, 2007



nice handwriting...


Very nicely packaged.


I'm horribly unfashionable and am a little concerned that you terribly with-it London-hipsters will mock my fashion faux-pas. Nevertheless, I'll wrap a paint-stained Ace Jet special and get it posted this week. Sounds like it could become a collectors' item.


Based on the ones we've had so far Richard, you'll be fine.


It's coming, don't you worry. By the end of this week.

Charles Frith

It wasn't that stained Ben!


I couldn't get a ticket (luckily as it turns out) but if your great idea is being under utilised, could i show my support by sending in a garment of some sort?


Andrew - yes that's part of the plan. See here for more details.


yes, please-please! if i send a postage paid envelope with a shirt, would they send it back?


Yes, of course.


Good day. I just wanted to say that you created realy great site. thanks!

Andrew Kingham

Whatever happened to my shirt? Has it disappeared into the vortex?


Andrew - and others, did you guys send tshirts in and they haven't come back to you?

Andrew Kingham

Ben – It's true I despatched a two–tone–blue–raglan full–length t–shirt (with 'flash on the beach' already printed verso) to emma, and it's true that same shirt has disappeared. It probably never reached TDC HQ. Anyway – it was a conference freebie of no consequence. Did you get anything unusual to print on? Was it a successful idea?


Yeh Ben, where's my T-shirt too? I know mine got to you because the pack was in one of your photos. I've been sitting, naked from the waist up, flab lolling over my keyboard, hairy back sending shivers through passers-by for weeks now. For the sake of my colleagues and family, for the love of God, find my T-shirt! The blue Racing Green one (if that makes sense).

It's probably that old rag you've been using to clean your windows.

P.S. Don't worry if you can't find it, it doesn't amtter really. I look shit in T-shirts - no shoulders. Well, of course, I do have shoulders...

Andrew Kingham

I look rubbish in a t-shirt too. I've got a neck like a giraffe.

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