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May 03, 2007



Nice cap.


Oh the whole montage is pretty special, don't ya think?


Yeah, I've heard that burt orange is making a comeback. You think they'd have gone the whole way and set the headline in Rockwell, though.


I'm struggling to work out the relevance of the image but I do like the air of insouciant cheeriness you're managing to exude while whatever it is bursts out of your shoulder.


Errr... that is not a picture of me...


Though having said that, it ain't always easy. I once had to include photo's of Robson(?) and Stephen Tomkinson in an illustraion for the radio times, without making it look like one of those 'big head-small body' caricatures that were once so popular. If I can find it, I'll post it.


Not a picture of you? How do I know that's true? I've nothing to compare it to. I must say, however, he has managed an air of insouciant cheeriness...


this reminds me of an email subscription I wanted to cancel recently. here's the steps one must go through...

1. click "unsubscribe"
2. you're taken to a screen that asks you to confirm what you just said.
3. you recieve an email asking you to click to confirm that you want to unsubscribe.
4. you're taken to a screen to confirm the email address that you are unsubscribing.
5. Confirmation!!!

My God, it's almost like they don't want to loose you! : )

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