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May 13, 2007



I hate art exhibitions, but I liked this write up, so I might go.


I'm going to go too Ben. I'm definitely guilty of making the Monet-lillies connection and dismissing all his other works. Many of which are fantastic. Looking forward to it.

The Dead Artist

The seascape painting is brilliant. I've never seen that before.


Not meaning to be a typography nazi, but not only is the poster lame and predictable, that's an awful lot of fonts in a single communication.
=) Marc


Reminds me that I once overheard two Americans in a Paris gallery:
"Hey, this one's by Manet and the one over there is by Monet. They're almost the same."


Correct Marc, in fact that fucking poster is horrendous.

David, that's not as bad as the man I heard at a Cindy Sherman exhibition wondering aloud where she got all the similar looking models from.


i'm going to one gallery per day here. i had put the monet further down the list 'cos the poster looked poxy and i was afraid that it was going to be all water lillies and colour fields. thanks ben, i'll now put this show further up the list.


I know you're a graphic designer - but I do find it somewhat odd to be discussing the nature of the poster for an exhibition by Monet!

Have you seen the Brian Sewell review of the exhibition? He was ever so slightly not impressed.

The sketchbooks are actually still in Paris - such a pity that they couldn't have shown us some for real. The interactive displays had hordes around them when I was there.

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