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May 02, 2007


The Dead Artist

Sage is hell. Satan loves Sage.


I bet Richard http://www.acejet170.typepad.com/ could show you some centred type that looks good, couldn't you Richard?

You were right about the ice cream van though. It reminds me that I once set a student project to design a poster for an exhibition about ice cream packaging - it was called 'Arti Gelati'. I thought they'd come up with some brilliant ideas, but they actually came up with zilch. Design and ice cream: they just don't mix.


I had a great idea which maybe didn't work - I got fed up chasing clients for payment of invoices (who doesn't) - I tried lots of things - including literally turning up and refusing to leave until payment had been made, heavying, bailiffs, even machetes. One day I thought about what could be done tongue in cheek as a creative kind of way of almost EMBARRASSING them into payment - and I thought of an idea which maybe didn't have legs (although we didn't try it so maybe it would).

Get a big trailer, with massive speakers on (Dan will tell you what they're called - a 'sound system' ?)..and park it outside their office playing the track 'We Just Want Paying for the Work That we Have Done'...by a band the name of whom I have temporarily forgotten - but it's an American funk band so it really kicks.


Great post Ben.

David's right, I could - Stanley Morrison and Tschichold (Part II) could knock out a nice bit of centred type. There's just not much reason to do it now in our more interesting, assymetric world.

My old boss had the "brilliant" idea of offering graphic design via an automated web system; we all shot it down in flames.

Someone sent me a CV clad in corduroy and wombles once. That didn't work either.

We tried selling Fujifilm and ice cream van once, we thought it was a brilliant idea (still do). They stopped laughing eventually and sacked us. Then did a load of really shit advertising. So who's laughing now Fujiboys?

claire Gates

You made me laugh out loud. Oh dear!


You just made me feel so much better - thank you! I also made an arse of myself with Burberry. It must be something in the air. Ditto cutting straight lines, scanning (it ALWAYS crashes!), mispronunciation, lateness and centred type.


Amen to the centered type bit.

I take it your not referring to the Sage feed reader...


Keep up the posts like this, the stories (Burberry) are fascinating!


Claire, did you wee yourself ?

Charles Frith

I'm not sure the Burberry thing was a failure on your part. People who can't pick out something interesting. C'mon!!

Anyway. What's all this Brooke Shields Alphabet thing about?



ddb didnt do too badly with number 8.


Yes but kittens in clothes will redeem almost anything. Especially if they are doing kung fu.


Animals dressed as people is a bad idea. Always.

cheap designer handbags

Yes but kittens in clothes will redeem almost anything. Especially if they are doing kung fu

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