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May 04, 2007


claire Gates

I sort of have here


Tom Gifford

A group of us went from my work having been lucky enough to blag our bosses for tickets. It was a fascinating talk from an inspiring man. What struck me the most was how modest and self-deprecating he was, he seemed refreshingly free of ego.

He was also genuinely funny at quite a few points throughout the talk. At one point he seemed to lose his thread, paused for a moment, then sighed and said "Ahh, I just love type" which has to be a classic understatement. I think my favourite quote was, (when asked about his use of colour) "If in doubt I always use blue". Great advice if ever I've heard it!

The other thing that always amuses me at these sort of events is that if we're such a creative industry, why do we all dress the same? A few months back I sat outside a coffee shop on Shad Thames before going into the Alan Fletcher show at the Design Museum. My girlfriend took great delight in pointing out all the glaringly obvious designers as they walked past in their expensive jeans, trendy glasses and vintage trainers. Surely we need a D&AD sponsored campaign to introduce greater clothing diversity?


oh gosh, sorry it wasn't better (my post). definitely not a proper review. would love to know what you'd have made of it. but it was grand.


For those who missed the talk, you can find two very good interviews of the great Wim on youtube here :
Interview 1
Interview 2

Creating type, "It's like a game" !


Thanks Claire.

Late update. There is also a very good review on the CR Blog here: http://www.creativereview.co.uk/crblog/wim-crouwel-from-groningen-to-gridnik/

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