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May 20, 2007



Actually, I would like a notepad/Post It with that on it!


That G is wonderful.


was this in walsall? A tiny bit of coffee brewing digging around unearthed this from:

SL - You’ve been writing ‘your mum rang’ for a while, is it just a gag, or is there more to it?
CHU – ‘Your mum rang’ began while I was living in a squat in Regent Wharf (that’s another story...). I was sharing with Solo-One, another big-time street campaigner. I’ve known him around seventeen years or something and well, I was just thinking about how to get away with the number of stickers that solo gets away with, without jeopardising too much my liberty.

I came up with the idea of using post-its, but reverse engineered. I would write things like: 'meet me here at 7', 'back in 15minutes','close the windows', y'know, things that sounded like they were meant to be read by somebody. I’d sign it CHU and leave them in variety of spots like doors, windows, cars… all sorts. The emphasis was to locate them in areas you couldn't or shouldn't place permanent stickers. That’s the real beauty; if anybody asked, which they never did, I could just peel it off easy peasy. I know a few cases of people peeling them off and putting them indoors. The phrase is another one that simply stuck. I don't know of anybody who doesn't laugh when they read it. Working closely with a screen printer helps with stickers too...(ahem).


the artists own site:


There's a reference to this in Zadie Smith's book 'On Beauty' which I'm currently reading so it's really interesting to hear from the artist, thanks for that. Uncanny that you should post it the morning after I read about it.


don't call her, she'll call you...

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