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Jun 12, 2007



In a fit of order/boredom I did this once and my (then) girlfriend laughed at me. It's a bit like arranging your records in alphabetical order isn't it?




Do you think Wolff Olins still have/ever had the design disease?

Charles Frith

That fourth one from the left looks well tasty.


They do that in those retro shops.


it's just as bad to arrange your clothes drying on the washing line in a similar fashion, isn't it? i've got a lovely spectrum going on at the moment and i think i should be worried.


oh, and welcome back.


Are they the Interesing tees per chance. I recognise two of the colours, and note the abundence of white tees. designers huh?

Angus Whines

This is exactly what my wardrobe looks like. Spectrum wise that is, not item wise...

Rob Mortimer

The one Charles likes looks like mine.. (A Sunshine Undergound tshirt)


hmm... there's a 'proper' shirt in there too.


The third one from the left is definitely mine.

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