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Jun 19, 2007



Still dead.


Can you spell my name right s-v-p?

Other than that, lovely review. Fiona Romeo was fab, thanks for posting her blog.


I can feel the excitement and energy all the way in NY! Wish I could have been there. Love the shirts. Nice job.


One of my own favourite quotes of the day was by those art film porno - merchants:

'Pubic hair - DECIDE'.


Claire, very little chance of that happening continuously. But I will try I promise.


That last comment would have worked a lot better if it was a reply to TomLR and not to Claire, don't you think?

Rob Mortimer

I missed out on those vinyl sleeves... which is annoying as im probably one of only a few people there who actually owns a record deck!

Brilliant event. I look forward to seeing you, Will and Paul on stage next year ( I hope!)...


I'm up for some sort of performance next year. Morris Dancing, maybe even some chin balancing. Teaching a dog some new tricks, slimming advice in action, something along those lines. Painting. Maybe some painting.


Rob, email me your address and I'll send you one.


Tom, I'd like to see you teach a dog some new tricks. Do you think you could manage an old dog?


If you mean YOU Marcus - then I am absolutely positive that that is indeed the case.


Great, can you teach me to juggle. It seems to be the rage with the kids on the street these days.

Rob Mortimer

Thanks Ben, will do!


Yes I can teach you to juggle. It's better face to face however so let's put it on the itinerary for our next meeting. I will also look into fire eating. I've got a feeling I know the secret to that one, instinctively.


As a smoker I think I can manage fire eating. Are you doing the agenda for the meeting or shall I? Would you like in done in Word or PowerPoint? I have Excel too.


I think we should do it in Powerpoint.
Point number one would be:

1. Greetings.
A round table scherzo. Bring your thinking caps. Nothing will be taboo. Indulge your wildest fantasies in this most dynamic of 'introduce yourself' affairs.

OK. Now for point number 2.

Hang on, what about 'List of attendees' ?


Do you have a beamer?

Do you think we should invite Richard Huntington? He doesn't like brainstorming very much and might be useful, you know, like to "keep it real".

Maybe we could invite everyone, and flog tickets at 20 quid a pop?

I think there's an idea in there somewhere but maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves and concentrate on the font we want to use in the PowerPoint thing. I suggest ComicSans. That's a good one.


You can't do the design Marcus - you are too skilled. I can handle that. I don't have a beamer I have a Citroen, and isn't Richard Huntington a scary agency chief (maybe an ex-agency chief - or rather an agency ex-chief).

Now - on to the content. What are our objectives ?


ok, no Huntington then.

I'm rubbish at objectives. Can I take on the nouns?


Bloody hell, I don't know Marcus - I am particularly good at names, too. How are we going to divide up our mounting workload ? Am I holding onto the reigns too tightly ?


Relax Tom, I'm good at faces.


I too have a little review of Interesting 2007...


thanks ben for making sure that the chairs were noticed and photographed...


OK Marcus - I'm going to design a test for you. On faces. Just to see if you pass the 'meeting' test. Because if you DON'T, you can't come to the meeting.


It's harsh, but fair Tom.


Erm - my Interesting 2007 came off in the wash.

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