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Jun 20, 2007



Yep, you're right. I loved that magazine, made me excited about what was going on in the wider world before I even experienced it.

Hey I was young, I was still in Lytham.

Shame I never kept them all.


Only designers would keep them. Get them out years later. Photograph them. Put them on the internet...


I think I still have an A1 poster of that Kylie cover somewhere!


Do you know who did that advert for Royal Mail ? They used to have some other good ones, too. You know what I think of stamp design and whether it's gone up or downhill recently - and although the same is true with the adverts, I like the message behind one recent one which was about it being the 'real network' - ie. not a virtual one, a REAL one - touching people physically each and every day. I think that's a powerful thing to be able to do.

Then they changed it all to 'with us it's personal'. Fuck me. So they loose your mail on purpose, because of some kind of grudge or something ? It should be 'don't take it personally'. I also like 'We know where you live'.

That was a sensible comment, wasn't it? Let's hope Michael Johnson's not reading...


I think I had the Keanu Reeves one on my wall.

How things have changed.


Looks like every other run of the mill magazine. What about early Sleaze Nation, ID, or even Raygun... They're a world apart.


My mate Stuart used to design Sky, he'll be chuffed with this.

Give me Sky over Raygun anyday, indulgent trendy bollocks that was.

Paul H. Colman

It was great magazine wasn't it. It had a rather simple and personal quality about it, and like you say - excellent design.

David Atkinson

The fact that they could put Mickey Rourke on the cover with the strapline 'Hiya Handsome' shows you how long ago it is...


I like the fact you get a 'proper star', not even a tv show star or anything rubbish.


Yup I used to be a fan too but boy, it really went off the boil by the end. Shame.


I did a work placement at i-D this summer and was looking though their issues from this period for some typography research they asked me to do. Seems like they were very similar titles actually, the articles were a lot broader in focus than they are now and a there is a much more optimistic outlook on most things.

Interesting to note that when Sleazenation tried to relaunch as 'Sleaze' a few years ago to do a similar thing, it only got as far as 4 issues before being axed. There's probably some sort of socio-cultural comment to be made there...


i loved sky magazine, really miss it, it makes me remember my younger days and smile =)

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