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Jun 22, 2007



jealous. i bet you have really good tea, too.


While the gesture is admirable it feels like you've organised an assembly line. One in, one out, ad nauseum. And it leaves a few awkward questions, too.

Why the aura of exclusivity?

Why only a week?

And how involved can you be if you're in a studio for a such a short period of time?


Great idea. Look forward to the posts on how they get on.


I'd love to be there Monday night but apparently private view tickets are at such a premium only about 5 students from our college will be going...


Nice. I like your point about 'no bullshit interviews'.


Lauren - we have Yorkshire Tea, which is the best fucking tea.

Thunk - These are very good questions.

1. Any implied exclusivity is just to help us organise our time. We always want to do placements but we never get round to it. It would also be difficult to get everyone (at TDC) to the various shows and the Monday night thing makes it very easy for us, which means it's highly likely to get done, which is a good thing.

2. This is the first time we've done this and we're not really sure how it's going to work out. I know one week sounds a bit tight but it's all we can realistically commit to at the moment. That may change this week, it might change when the students are with us, it may never change. There are currently seven of us at TDC and adding another person to the mix posses small but significant issues. It's a big thing to invite someone you don't know into a close environment. I hope it's rewarding for the students concerned.

3. Lots. We move quickly and the variety of projects we work on is a little crazy. We're also more open than most design consultancies and nowhere near as stuck up. I could also have answered you can be as involved as you want to be;)

It's our first attempt at doing some serious placements and we really hope the students get something out of it.

Tubbs - We'll be looking at the work not the people, so that doesn't necessarily matter. What college are you from?

Will - Good. We're hoping the Monday night thing will avoid wasting everyone's time.


UCCA Maidstone (what used to be KIAD). Keep an eye out for my colourful business cards ;)

Tubbs aka Jack

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