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Jul 03, 2007



It's weird how those 3D visualisations look remarkably like Helen Chadwick's Piss Flowers http://www.bbc.co.uk/collective/gallery/index.shtml?collection=chadwick&image=18 , don't you think?


i'm so glad you posted about this - it's brilliant. i didn't even get to see it all, i have to go back and check out upstairs.. those sculptures were amazing and the city made of biscuits and sewing spindles was also tops!
one of the things that really struck me about the text design was they used 'font size as quantifier' as opposed to 'font size as pretty page filler' i.e the larger the growth of the city, larger the font size.

Rob Mortimer

Wow. When is it on til?

Its odd really, I can easily navigate my way around London, Sheffield and Hong Kong by Google Map satellite images...but I still get lost on foot.


That looks like a fantastic show. Saw it featured on the Pentablog but it's really great to see more. Thanks for posting it.


David - I don't think they're that similar in the flesh. The Global Cities ones feel more solid and, well, just bigger. But what does everyone else think?

Lauren - That's a good point. 'Font size as quantifier' as opposed to 'font size as pretty page filler' is a good thing.

Rob - Yes, exactly. Weird isn't it? The exhibition is on til the end of August, I think.


the topic reminds me of a really fantastic exhibition here last year:


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