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Jul 31, 2007



Awesome post, it was amazing to see all of these pieces come together so brilliantly. I've never seen a CD packaged like that, it blew me away.

(Did I already apologize 1,000 times for my CD manufacturer butchering the design on the CD itself with the "Mixed by Dino and Terry" printed in gigantic type? Sorry :( Again.


Very, very interesting - and a great post, Ben. Could I play devil's advocate and suggest that the successful outcome might be entirely due to the complete lack of a Marketing Department?

Fernando Lins

That's a really interesting take on branding. I like how you say that the graphics and the brand (although the whole brand was just the logotype) had lives of their own, and it is really interesting too to see how it works applied to anything.


David, you could be right.

The free thing made a big difference. And I think Russell just letting us get on with had a lot to do with it too. Although he was worried sometimes: http://twitter.com/russelldavies/statuses/19839661


i think the fact that russell just let you get on with it is a huge factor in creating good, consistent work - when someone trusts you, or "just lets you get on with it", you aren't restricted by the fear of fucking it up, or defending it - everything is practically "allowed" to work smoothly!

Andrew Kingham

The brand wasn't just the logo, surely. It was the overprinting, inventiveness, and refreshing of the old? The logo is just a logo.


wow. it's always fascinating to see how much work and love is going behind the scene and the fact that there was no "client relationship" must have been quite liberating.

keep up the great stuff!


I really like the idea of reusing 7"s, and less waste in design in general. Great job!

Rob Mortimer

It was great, and I think people appreciated it.
The identity matched the day perfectly, and was understated yet ubiquious.


I've read this post a few times now Ben - because I think that it really was a successful project and that there are things to be learned in what you say about it.

In fact now I think of it - didn't you put a post up about some branding work you did for the Southbank Centre which produced some very flexible work that could be applied to a multiplicity of (principally technological) means ?


I think it's the way you sold it that made all the difference:


dan burgess

brilliant, inspiring stuff.

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