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Jul 08, 2007



Brilliant post Ben, I agree entirely. I've now been doing mine for nearly a year and have surprised myself with the dedication and time I have spent blogging. I get people asking how I actually do it, thinking I am some whizz on html and how I think up posts.

I'm not claiming to be successful but getting up early is definitely a better move than lying in bed until lunchtime.


I've often said that no matter how busy I am, I can always find time to do something that I shouldn't. Like blogging when I've got an imminent deadline. But it helps. In a small, blog-sized way, it's bit like that thing James Webb Young says about breaking off from what you're supposed to be doing to do something you want to do, so your sub-conscious can do its stuff.

Tim Siedell

"the older they are the quicker they ask the question."

So very true.

Great post.


Bloody planner.

Mark McGuinness

My answer is "I get up early to write it". I'm glad to hear that will make me successful.

Andrew Kingham

1) 6.30 is a lie in, but I haven't posted for ages. Complete slacker.
2) I think it's akin to running: miss a few days, and the rhythm starts to go.
3) David the designer has a single word to answer the same question - "dedication".


That's right Andrew - and I don't get up early in the morning either.


I always thought success was 70% confidence and 30% skill, not getting up earlier.

Plus to get up early you have to go to bed early. Swings and roundabouts isn't it.

John Dodds

I assumed your minions wrote all this stuff!

Rob Mortimer

Suddenly getting up 40 minutes earlier than I need to just to check blogs and email before work seems more rewarding...hurrah!

Great post


I find mine down the back of the sofa. I've got some spare if you want some. It's HIGH denomination.


Late night blogging is the best followed by early morning butterflies to see if there is any feedback - its like waiting for the post used to be :)

Iain Tait

I've used the excuse of busyness to explain non-blogging, but I've realised that's not it. For me non-blogging comes about through being uninspired - which sometimes correlates with working a lot (but only on things that I'm not very keen on).

Equally if I'm doing things that make me really excited I'll feel the need to blog no matter how busy I am. I might start life graphing and see if I'm right...


Maybe you find some of the time by not replying to emails?
(cough cough wink wink)


Lee - does that mean you've sent me an email?

Send it again.


Hi Ben, yeah I sent you one a few weeks back, must have ended up in the junk mail or something - i'll drop it again!

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