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Sep 13, 2007



Letterhead does kick ass.

John Dodds

I notice that one of the responses is not hand-written. Is this an example of designerly cleverness or an inability to read the brief?


Inability to read the brief.


Hey, you're good at designing letter heads. Now why not do some for me ???

John Dodds

I agree about your letterhead too - it also has the advantage of enforcing the accompanying letter to be concise.

Anthony R.

Hey – I do like the letterhead – (is this the one you always use)

It does pose an interesting quesiton though- regarding the sustainability/ethics/recycling debate (sorry to sound like a bore) but with a lot of companies/design agencies flaunting their 'green' attitudes it kinda makes you think about the waste and the misuse of resources by designers… there is a LOT of space left unused in this...I don't want to seem to rude - but it seems a little frivolous.

Steve J R

Getting back to the actual project, I'm not convinced anything has been achieved, accept getting to see Daniel Eatock's letterhead maybe.

Most responses are dull and seem like a missed opportunity. What are other peoples thoughts?

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