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Sep 04, 2007


Vicki Brown

Hmm, I'm not sure which came first (or even if they're different people) but I remember seeing those computer key stools a couple of years ago now, at New Designers, or 100% Design, something like that.
I don't think they sell light up ones though.


Thanks for the commentary, Ben.

Multistorey are the exhibition designers responsible for the overall art direction and graphic design: http://www.multistorey.net/

Their use of lightboxes and shadow effect graphics were intended to "make it feel as if the zone is being negotiated by torchlight, reinforced by a lighting design using torch-like fittings."

They brought a really playful attitude to the graphic design but also dealt with the serious challenges that come with a touring exhibition: durablity, reconfigurability and bilingual venues.

I'm always impressed by a flexible design system... like your branding strategy for Interesting.

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