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Oct 23, 2007


Joe Clark

Clarification: Architectural drawings should be reproduced as large as workably possible unless you have an excellent reason otherwise. A good current example is the treatment in _Detail in Contemporary Architecture_, where you can Actually Read the Drawings!


That comment - apologies for the confusion with the title of that point - refers to architect's sketches, so thanks for that clarification.


great list!!


Partly I think this is why most architecture that wins plaudits / column inches is so deficit at actually serving the needs of the people who are then forced to inhabit it through it's lifespan. Use and re-use is not photographed, journalled, examined - at least not in the 'mainstream' design journals.

[Although perhaps it's unfair to single out architecture - the same could be said for product, graphics...]

Architectural journalism and by extension photography favours the neutron-bomb view where all human life has been expunged, or perhaps, at a stretch a few ethnically-diverse motion-blurred forms passing through the money-shot perspective...

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