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Oct 23, 2007



This is really sad. There's a huge difference between adolescent tags of 'X luvs Y', rudimentary genitalia and derogatory sentence scribbles. The sort of street daubage of Barcelona you've shown is very much art and free creative expression. Pre-meditated, carefully constructed, lovely, thought provoking art. To me, there is a place for this: the urban walls otherwise neglected and dank - I think it can inspire others rather than marr a piece of construction.

Apparently, the powers that be, Tower Hamlets Council, are about to wipe some of Banksy's work off the walls, too: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7057766.stm

(sorry for the long link)

I appreciate that not everyone likes this sort of urban creativity, but I think there's a whole hub of positive uses if true street art could work in collaboration with those who oversee urban spaces.


I'll be interested to see what else changes in Barcelona, given that wiping the street art is the first indication that other dynamics are at work. It will be interesting to see where the street artists go and what happens to the place where they end up.


Presumably came in at the same time as the harsher cycling regulations.


Some of the Barcelona based street artists already found a place to go to: they're at galleries like Iguapop selling canvases for 5,000 euros and "digital prints" for 300 :'(


Sad (as street art was one of the attraction of the city) but maybe times are changing. From Street now to Gallery (even if it's not the same thing).

BCN Style

yep, they the government has been painting everything grey. The streets are now covered in tags. http://bcnstyle.ekosystem.org/no-more-walls/

The law stops people eating sandwiches at the park, a beer on the beach, hanging your washing out and of course graffiti.

Oh and the government is still paying the artists to paint in underground car parks so they can still *look* cool...



The video of the street art awards of Paris and Berlin Opening by Artaq in the link below
but in galaries.... more and more it's difficult to found out street art in touristic cities....
too clean, no soul...

enjoy the links;)





Berlin Street Art: Urban Art Awards

Berlin Street Art: Urban Art Awards by ARTAQ

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