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Nov 04, 2007


scot devine

Like this - I think the use of pictures is superb. How comfortable were Eurostar to place pictures on Flickr? Did they take persuading to not host them on a branded site, or tempted to slap heaps more logos on Flickr? I'm trying to persuade a client to set up a Flickr photostream for a project, but the brand team doesn't like the lack of control.


I don't know Scot - I'll try and find out.

Tell your clients to "surrender control and gain influence". As said by someone very clever once.

scot devine

Ha! Clever indeed. I think that's the key. The trick is to convince the guys whose job is to scrutinise every pantone shade, text position, etc on piece of company material.

Giacomo Cesana

Ben, this post is a great discovery. I have been thinking that a lot of us (young – or relatively young – designers) are into web 2.0 (you know what I mean), and we are getting informations about brands mostly through blogs. It's like the "real" world is coming to us under a web 2.0 interface, creating a sort of discrepancy between the informations we reach and the ones we don't (read the ones not blogged). We all look at blogged brands, we all take inspiration by blogged images, we follow trends pinged by blogs. The most influent creative agencies (and the smallest too) now spread news via blog. It was time to discover a big company into the same mechanism of generating information and interest about their brand. Now we have to find other examples. Thank you.

Jhon Koli

I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!

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