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Nov 01, 2007


Athila Armstrong

The website was created by the team of tha ltd. ( http://tha.jp/#works/18) in Japan.

Alistair Hall

But it says it's in private Beta at the moment. Did you get an invitation or somesuch? Where's ours?


that's purty! i love that italic poster!!


Ben - how do I send an e.mail to you and you GET IT ?

Fernando Lins

Yeah I still get "Private Beta" warning. I've been "using" it for nearly two months, it's a great source for cool graphics indeed.

Charlie Gower

I've been looking for a while but can't get on, Russell has no invites left. I don't suppose you have any per chance?


I'm probably being really stupid but what is 'private beta'? Google isn't helping me on this one and I want to join!

henry lambert

Cool find Ben.

Giacomo Cesana

As far as I know ffffound is a closed community in which you can enter only by invitation. The sad thing is that a member has 1 invitation only to offer, so it's kind hard to get in. It's like gmail, one hundred times harder to get in. And also like gmail ffffound is still in beta form.



I too am loving ffffound though I want to know how they recommend new images to me since there doesn't seem to be any tagging. I also want to be able to find other users (my profile shows that I have 0 followers, but I haven't been able to work out how to become a follower!). Search would be nice also! Sounds like I'm being picky, but this could easily be one of the most addictive things I have seen on the web in ages.


could i bum an invite if you got one? thanks


Hi! If someone could send me an invite for FFFFOUND! to (mynickname)@free.fr it would be very nice, thanks! :)


if anyone give a desperate design student an invite I would be happy to offer you the one invite that I would get as a new member to anyone else you would like!

shazzer (at) gmail


Another lost soul looking to be ffffound!


I'm totally willing to send my 1 invite to whoever the inviter wants me to send it to.

frankie w

I would love an invite to ffffound!
Please send it to frankiew4@yahoo.com if you kind souls out there wouldn’t mind!
I am an artist / designer and would love to contribute.


I'm also looking for a ffffound invite. aim pyr4lis.. msg me if you have one you can pass my way. I've got a long chain of amazing artists that I'd like to pass my invite too as well.


Invite me at q3.50nic@gmail.com
pls pls pls!


i've been going to ffffound.com for about 3 months and i still cant join! if anyone has an extra invitation please invite me! haha



by the way my email is lilmar12@aol.com please invite me!!! haha

Islay Brown

I would also be ever so grateful if some kind soul would be generous and invite me to join ffffound.com. Email is islaybrown@hotmail.com

Cheers in advance

alex hornsby

this looks ace!



Anybody has a spare invitation for me?
Please, would be amazing participating in this commmunity.

Thanks a lot


spare invite would be so good, anna.hush@gmail.com



guess what! I would also love an invite. I've been using this site for over a year and its amazing, and i would love to participate.


invite please


hi! i'm looking for an invite too... please share the love :



Hello, I ffffound every day. Really want an account.


Anyone please send me ffffound invitation if you can. I’ll be thankful to you.



i want to get in to ffffound too! lol

hehe if any1 dont mind giving me an invitation


Hi guys,

First I have a tip for all of those people who can't get an invite: you can use soup.io in stead.

Since I need a fffound account for school, I would still like an invitiation for fffound.

If anyone has a invitation left, please send it to my email eviilicious@live.nl.

Thank you soo much


please invite me to ffffound, i've been surfing there for a year now.. really, i have good takse of pictures, you can trust me (:



can someone please invite? i'm having to save all the images to my computer & would just lvoe an account thanks :)


beth paige dipper

please email me a code to bethpaigedipper@gmail.com , I will pass the code on as well


Invite me?

I would be oh so pleased!

Lotte LS

Would be great if someone invited me!! :)


Can someone invite me to join in? golla.silvia@gmail.com


can someone please send me a invite? nawrotkah at gmail.com

Felipe B.

Hello, my name is Felipe and i offer one invitation to Diaspora + one invitation to Demonoid, for one invitation to FFFFOUND! =) my email is elmalinquilino [at] lavabit.com (I apologize for my bad english).

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