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Nov 05, 2007



5. made up of hard work, but sometimes just is...


I wonder if "respects IT'S materials" is quite the right sentiment when we're thinking on a more global and green scale? I like to also think about environment around a design too.

I always like to think design can effect other peoples as well


anything that tries to summarise design simultaneously limits design... and is by definition BOLLOCKS (in the true sense of the word)
Now, that's pretentious.


we have "respects its materials" but no "respects its users". that alone is the crux of bad design.


"we have "respects its materials" but no "respects its users". that alone is the crux of bad design."

I would think that "fulfills its function" would include respecting users. To disrespect the user is a failure of function, in my opinion.

Willie Baronet

I think it is!


I wonder if it isn't belied by the sign itself. If this sign were intended to serve the purpose of informing the reader how much it costs to check the list with the prices available from the guard, you'd find that it seems to fulfill the four tenets listed. But it would be a terrible sign for that purpose.


Good Design visually aligns its type and doesn't use a ruler to do it, it also kerns, rather than using equal measures between character, and chooses a word space that suits that kerning. Above all it wouldn't mix typefaces in a simple message without a damned good reason, running out of Es is not a good reason.

staceyjoy elkin

barring the excessive knitpicking, I think YES, this covers it for me.

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