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Nov 02, 2007


Vicki Brown

mmm, block-colour yumness. I love that elephant stamp too, haven't seen that before.


Those shopping bags are awesome, and I'd never really noticed how simple the nbc logo was before either. Also your link to his website is missing a 'ht' at the beginning :)


You lucky MFer. He's one of my absolute great influences... but, I've never seen that P before?


I went to NY in the first year of my degree and Chermayeff and Geismar was one of the studios we visited, Ivan and an associate gave a little presentation of some of their work. Some of the most long lived logos ever and some of the simplest. Excellent.


I wonder if D&AD know that halfway through the 2nd part the audio drops out. Kind of annoying, but overall this was one of my favorite lectures.

Steve Curati

Richard, that is kind of annoying. Thanks for noticing! We'll re-upload a new version.

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