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Jan 16, 2008


Dave Oscroft

How about Cliff Richmond?

Anyone else?

Mike Reed

Oh, this is irresistible. Not convinced by Lily Balham, I think that's reaching a bit. But what a great little idea. Whitney Euston is almost too good to be true. MC Hammersmith is my favourite. Something about the clash of Captain Madtrousers and that rather grubby station is delicious. I'm about to get on the Tube at Green Park. Green Park Day, anyone? (Now who's reaching?) Damn you for getting Amy Limehouse, Ben.

Mike Reed

PS: I suppose Waterloo Sunset doesn't quite fit the pattern. But there isn't a Tube station called Ray Davies.

David Atkinson

I'm more familiar with the Tyne & Wear Metro, so I give you:

Jesmond Dekker

Hebburn 17


Marilyn Mansion House.

Or for us thirtysomethings, Ultravauxhall.

Ace - it's Mornington Crescent with pop geeking :)

Mark McGuinness

Victoria Beckham.

Mark McGuinness

Not to mention Toni Brixton.


KD Langdon Park

Puddle of Mudchute

claire gates

I LOVE Ultravauxhall!


Jonathan Richmond surely.

James Greig

Morden a Woman.

Always found that far funnier than it actually is.

James Greig

Rolling Leytonstones.

Scissor (Seven) Sisters.

Oh dear, back to work I think.

Kieren Messenger

First post here in a while, but I couldn't resist!

Phil Colindale.

Phil Tufnell Park.

Iron Maida Vale (Reaching I know.)

I should be writing my dissertation... Hmm.

Nick Asbury

Iron Morden should have been in there.


Iggy Poplar from the TfL website: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/microsites/itunes/default.aspx?BAC=ITUNES-TFLBANNER&page=Home

I think The Rolling Leytonstones and Cliff Richmond are the best so far.

Kieren Messenger

St. Paul's McCartney?

I'll never be a copywriter.


Bank Zappa?


Bachman Turner Ovaldrive


Don Wimble?


MC Hammersmith is my favourite


They Might Be Gants (Hill)

dan at innocent

Bob Marylebone. Go West Hampstead. Cilla Blackfriars. Cyprus Hill (Cyprus is on on of those Docklands lines). Leona Lewisham.

Lily Balham is rubbish.

dan at innocent


Parsons Green Day.

Nick Asbury

Just to get them out of my system...

Kanye West Brompton
Barry Whitechapel
Frank Blackfriars
The Beautiful Southfields
Jools Holland Park
The Jesus and Marylebone
All Saints

and of course



Boney Embankment

David Atkinson

Well, go on then…

New York Dollis Hill
Sheena East Ham (no, wait: Shee Neasden)
Morden Romance
Leytonstone Temple Pilots
Balham & The Angel (two for the price of one)
Harrow Speedwagon
Amersham Lake & Palmer
Tufnell Park Shakur


Alicia Quays
Lionel Richmond


dan at innocent

Amersham Lake & Palmer is genius. Thank you David.


David Bromley-by-Bowie?

Steve O

Queensbury of the Stone Age

Chet Baker Street

Lee Scratch Perivale

Al Greenford

Gil Scott Heron Quays

Ron Wood Green


eep!! these are all fuckin' awesome!!


And to thnink some ad agency has been paid thousands for this.

Hey, TFL, don't pay them. Post your next brief on this site and bung us all free Oyster passes for a year when we answer it.


Boney Embankment


How about 'St. John's Wood' ?

That's a tube station, isn't it?

This is brilliant.

'Southwark' - that's my local one.

Come one - any more ?

Steve O

A few more...

Eddie Rayners Lane

Alan Parsons Green

Jerry Lee Lewisham

Kanye Westferry

Steve Earle's Court

Nick Asbury

Jerry Lee Lewisham is my new favourite. Although just about all of these are better than Lily Balham.

Rob Mortimer


Wimbledon MacClean
Roy Woodford
Barking Crimson


Bank Zappa. Ok ok I'll get my coat

Mike Reed

Put your coat down, John, Bank Zappa's hilarious. But I think my favourite so far is The Jesus & Marylebone.

There's Bond Street, but who would know we were celebrating the not-quite-as-sexy-as-they-think-they-are girls' violin band? Queensbury is in a similar vein. And All Saints is just ridiculous.

So how about:

Gunnersbury & Roses
Linkin Park Royal
Gram Parsons Green
U2's favourite guitarist: The Edgware
Bayswater City Rollers
Gladys Knightsbridge
(Or Beverley Knightsbridge, for younger listeners)
A-ha's inimitable lead singer: Morden Harket
One for the producers: Trevor Hornchurch
Kilburn & The High Roads (because nothing sounds like Ian Dury)
Goldie's Green?

I think I should stop now.

Richard McKeever

The Beautiful Southgate?
Merle Haggerston (a bit too country?)
Gene Putney
Herb Alperton

... another Amy Winehouse reference:
High Barnet?

is that the sound of a barrell being scraped?

Rob Mortimer

*scrapes barrel*

Go Westminster
Marble Arch Enemy
Greenwich Day
Lewisham 69

Ok, thats the last of it gone...

al woods

This is AWESOME!!

Ok, how's about:

Paul Elephant & HardCastle

Clutching? Straws?

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