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Jan 24, 2008


Kev Mears

Great article Ben

I've only recently discovered your blog,adding the feed as soon as I read one of your articles, and your enthusiasm is infectious.

I do get a bit daunted sometimes, just by the sheer scale of how much great work is going on out there, but that's my problem.


Thank you for this!

It strikes me that a lot of this fits with the kind of thing Edward Tufte writes about. He's a bit of a folk-hero among the right sort of scientist; he specialises in technical infographics, which is kind of the distilled essence of some of the examples you're giving here.

I reckon there's a real overlap between cutting-edge science and professional design, but I'm not sure where it is - and who'd pay for it?

Steven Clark

I like the way you've linked the repurposing of data with branding and design, particularly web design. Your definition of MySpace is pretty correct too lol... :)

Great article btw.


Blimey, that's why Paul gave up his blog...he's on the road to damascus?


And I thought you were gonna say, "Blimey, that's why Paul gave up his blog...afraid of quality content like this."

I mean the other Paul. The religious one.

claire gates

Where is the other Paul? The colourful trainer wearing one?

Web designer

I'm pretty tired of all that statistical data. But information is very important nowadays, you are right.

Marry Rose

posts in my drafts folder for ages. And then today, like Paul on the road to Damascus they've all come together in one delightful little package. web design

Hams John

I always love to learn new techniques and trends in design and technologies, follow me... web design hyderabad

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