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Jan 10, 2008



You'd expect that Vanila would only be pasionate (albeit profesional) though, wouldn't you?

David Airey

I quite like that Greenford Printing logo.


I wonder how many leading design agencies there are?


consultancies, even

Charlie Gower

That's great.
what the next rung up the ladder?


ha charlie! or even down a rung - 'we're pretty ambivalent about printing'


Or "I've never really given printing a second thought."


you asked for that one ben (UorP)...

Tom Gifford

Reminds me of the column in Private Eye where people send in examples of companies that use the word 'solution/s' in their strapline. Lots as it turns out.


"CopyWorks–we f@*%ing hate to print."


They must have all been looking for a good P word to make the snappy catchline.

Valerie Palmer

I take it David the Designer is referring to the fact that Vanila only has one 'L' - this is because the name of the company is made up from my name and my husbands (Val and Ian), hence only one 'L'.
the Passionate about Print logo on my website is the official logo of the 'One North East, Passionate about Campaign' for people living and working in the North East of England. You have to register your company with them and be displayed on their website business directory to use the logo.
Valerie - Vanila Design and Print


Don't take me too seriously, Val - I just like to poke a bit of fun now and again.

Of course, I know that you're all very passionate in your part of the world - it's why everyone calls me 'Pet' when I come up to Consett.

Valerie Palmer

Thats true, we are a very passionate bunch of people!
I used to work in Consett, it's a lovely friendly place.


A bit too cold at this time of year, though.

Valerie Palmer

Thats true David, I am nearer Darlington so it is not so cold, only -1 today! The cold is good for you apparently - it kills all know germs dead!!


Did he look and sound like he was passionate about print? That's the real test!


This is hilarious. Your whole blog is very funny. Well done.

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