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Feb 11, 2008



Very interesting post. Thanks to all involved.

Rob Mortimer

Excellent stuff.
I enjoyed reading about Archigram at the architecture exhibition in the Barbican a year or so ago.


fabulous post. ben, perhaps you should go into editing, considering your excellent record for commissioning great posts by others!!

Steve O

Great read - thanks.


Interesting post! About the 'm' thing. This might not be too relevant..but a well renowned film director in India - Subhash Ghai, is also enamoured by the M, his films start with M and he has also known to rename the leading lady in his films with a name starting with M.
There must be some deeper, darker connotations to the M!

Charlie Gower

God I love Archigram. I never get tired of reading about them. Thanks.


There's another resonance to "M." The "M form" is a classic of organisation theory:


(Of course, very different to these firms, but an interesting resonance all the same.)


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