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Mar 24, 2008



You have just made my day!

My brother and I used to play this when we were growing up in the 70's – all over the lounge it would snake – superb fun.

I've several pieces from the game but have never been able to remember what it was called or find a copy of it at Galt toys. Now, at long last, I know. Thank you! :-)

(And yes, I'm hoping that the original game we had is hiding somewhere in my folks dusty attic…)

Galt also made a box of wooden blocks with houses, trees, coloured spheres and cubes, playing cards (yes, wooden playing cards!) and other bits and pieces. Do you know it?


Try the cyrillic font with that, Ben.

When we were kids we used to play guns and touching girls. And THAT was at church.


Oh god I used to love this game! Nice memories, thanks.


ooh..that connect alphabet reminds me a bit of the interesting typeface you did.

Steve O

That looks fun! I have a very vague memory of the game from the photos, but I'd love to get hold of it. Good second 'm'.


Yeah, the second M is ace, isn't it?

George Morgan

I've always been fond of a game of Dingbats myself...


I bet you're a demon with a box of Brio...


Wow , I want this!

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