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Mar 13, 2008



here in Los Angeles, in the suburb of Downey, sits an original McDonalds from the mid fifties. It is beautifully restored down to the white and red tile exterior and large golden M arches. It is still open for business and what is really neat about it is you can order to eat every single food item McDonalds has ever offered its customers in the past, even the discontinued items. Really Cool.

Daniel Coulbourne

Lol, rotary dial phone

Rob Mortimer

I'm not a fan of McD's food, but they are fascinating company to study in terms of their history and design.


I think I've been there twice only through the drive-thru though I didn't even know that it had all that inside. I usually hit Portillo's when I'm in that area , can't beat the Italian Beef w/Hot Spices.


Portillos is fantastic. But you need to know that Portillo is a politician in Britain. A rather odd politician.


Although he's also a fan of the hot and spicy Italian beef.


Is this an inside joke I'm missing here.

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