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Mar 18, 2008


Dave Oscroft

Alright ben. Yes, it's a ncie idea – another one of those 'wish I'd done it' ones.

Those paths you mentioned are called 'desire paths' – which is a true architectural term. Everyone Forever blogged it a while back, here you are:



Dave, that is brilliant. Thank you. That has almost made all this blogging worthwhile.

Desire paths. Brilliant.


great idea. analogue del.icio.us.


ah, it is good. but I bet you it will only be on wine that is a bit average and you wouldn't want to remember anyway.

An expensive french red is too sophisticated to adopt this quirk. It doesn't fit with the classic wine 'brand'. Just as plastic corks are better for the wine, but won't be used by expensive wine makers because by not using them they reafirm their expense. Nothing to do with what is right or better. Nobs.


THAT is amazing!!!

Mark Hadfield

Very nice Ben - and desire paths is a beautiful term. I must remember that. I wonder what a virtual desirepath is? Looking at a sitemap to go to the page you want to see instead of going through the 'proper' navigation system?

Yael Miller

Great idea! I found this through Rob Walker's blog (Murketing) and posted it on the packaging design blog http://www.theDieline.com - thanks for a great find!

Zach Beauvais

That's a brilliant idea... now is the wine as good as the printing team???


Great idea. The real key, I think, is that, since they've made it so easy to remember, more people will choose to remember it. In other words, they may not really think it's that great of a wine, but the fact that it's now so dang easy to recall later affects your opinion.

Geoff Griffiths

Tremendous idea – must admit never seen this but had always wanted to use

tom martin

Great idea... thanks for sharing. I posted it at my blog as well www.tommartin.typepad.com with props of course.


Love this idea...thanks for sharing...I put a link on my blog at:



Think the back is gummed too, so you can lick it and stick it somewhere you'll remember. Your forehead? Or maybe I was just pished (probably) and thought it was gummed? Love it though.

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That's a brilliant idea... now is the wine as good as the printing team???

Account Deleted

i think tagging products is a nice idea. and its main benefit is its simple realization

Mary Goldwin

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