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Mar 19, 2008



So let me get this straight - if you're from the South you're a Londoner, right?

(And, no, I won't be in Manchester - or anywhere near it - on Tuesday. Although I did once live in Didsbury.)

Rob Mortimer

Well no, but the vast majority of good southern design is there!

I wish I could afford Didsbury!

Craig Oldham

Do we have any other information on the debate? I'm well up for a North/South debate.

Oh, but I'm a designer based in Manchester, not London.


London and the South East between them take 48% of creative companies in the UK - 32% from London alone. (according to studies)


The event is on Tuesday 25th March 6:30pm in The Circle Club (in Barton Arcade off Deansgate, Manchester)
rsvp to: rsvp@thecircuitseries.com

Rob Mortimer


Is geographic location relevant to the creative industry?
Is there an advantage to being in the South when it comes to business and employment opportunities?
What is the distribution of creative talent through out the UK?
Do London and North West creative agencies output differ?
Where in the UK do you find the best creativity?
As a client where do you get the better deal?
As a creative where are the best clients spending there money?

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