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Mar 06, 2008



Imagine if all of those screen changed for one day and played constant Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Would the whole of London come to a standstill?

What a day that would be. I believe it would only bring joy.


Cherry, you could be right there.


I love that "Incident happened in Euston" headline. It's as if Kings Cross is gossiping about that horrid station up the road that's bringing the neighbourhood down.

henry lambert

It's as if the Day Today is alive and pounding the streets of London. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Deqa1VFQtPA


And no-one watching.

Kev Mears

Sounds like a flickr pool. enjoyed the post.

And the thing that drives me up the wall is that most of it isn't news at all but speculation filling airtime dressed up as analysis.


"speculation filling airtime dressed up as analysis" Kev, that is spot on.


It would be great if all the news screens at London train stations were filled with all the incidents that were going on at other train stations.

I think it would bring a much needed does of surrealism to the evening commute.

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