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Apr 04, 2008



Brilliant - as a Geordie I appreciate that too. LOL

John Dodds


Daniel Coulbourne

You could have gotten Vag.


How big and sturdy are they? They look like they'd make ace coffee tables.

Of course, you should've got the G. There'd just be something funny about having the word GAY in massive letters in your reception.

Steve O

Good choice, and can be rearranged to YEA when you're feeling particularly pleased with yourself.


Harrogate isn't in Yorkshire, Ben.


Not that Tom.



although with the G, you could also have had a massive tribute to marvin gaye in the house...


Here's a thought. I’m not sure what it is about the BBC News website redesign but it makes me feel uncomfortable? Is there too much space around things? Is this a mad thing to say? It definitely works and it must be the most accessible news site on the planet? I really don’t know but somehow the design doesn’t feel right. What do you think?

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