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Apr 14, 2008


Richard Holt

Not enough that's for sure, and not enough opticians keep their priorities steadfastly um, 'optical' once they're in charge of the books too.

Sorry, I think I killed your metaphor...



Good job they don't write dictionaries.

I probably WOULD have guessed that, anyway - given that they are opticians. Why do they think we'd be surprised at that ?

anonymous (afraid of opticians)

Ever been to an optician conference? (I know. Rhetorical question.) The primary focus of opticians is how to maximize the revenue of chair time. Not the most objective group.

I know that wasn't your point. Sorry.

Olivier Butler

Very clever, And i agree with the concept, however that said, could an airport be run by pilots?

Actually that's not quite a good metaphor. Still the implication here is that those who work with the product are in charge, thus producing a shop that cares more about the product.

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