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Apr 21, 2008


David Airey

Thanks for the extra insight, Ben.

Would love to get my hands on a copy.

Have a great week.


I picked up a whole back catalogue of books Pentagram had done recently. They're all lovely things - lovely formats, lovely objects.

But generally a bit boring (if you're not a designer) when you open the pages (with a few exceptions).

There's no narrative - I think maybe that's what it is.


That's Lisa Strausfeld's work if I'n not mistaken. It's pretty, but 3.9 what!?!

Loïc Boyer

No words… it's a big temptation. Shall I do it on my website?
I've been wondering many times, but if Pentagram does it…
You're so right about the self justifying post rationalisation crap.
I wonder what is your readers' policy about that.


I'm OK with that, if it means what I think it means - and if it doesn't - I'll let it go anyway.

Steve O

Now that is a lovely book. Would love to get my hands on a copy.


The one day I don't visit Pentagram's page and what do they do? Give out free copies of their latest book! Not only that, but every blog I read got one and is proudly boasting about it.

As I've said somewhere else: I hate you…

…but thanks for the pics.


Anyone got any idea what the correct spelling of Wickertex is? I've tried searching for it but can't find anything!

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