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May 29, 2008



Who didn't like them? And why? Most unbritish.


Brilliant - I really really like them. I think coins are a fantastic canvas to use for design- they are like a fetishistic object - they're good to hold, flick, spin etc etc - and so rich for the bearing of eyecatchign design.

Like stamps. Now, I know a bit about stamp design. I spent some time at the Royal Mint too - in the design department and with the curator of their museum lookign at old designs. It's quite primitive in many ways - and then mid bogglign in scale when you get onto the shop floor. They quite literally have pound coins lying around on the floor, being swept up into big bins with the off cuts, in the open areas between buildings there's just money lying around in the grass and stuff like metal washers might be on any other industrial estate.

Anyway - they should relax the rules a bit more with stamp design so that something similar can be done - rather than just getting excited about some potato faces (unfair personal opinion on JB's work)


I love the coins, it's amazing to see that such an important piece of design has been so forward thinking. Perhaps we're not all as prude and conservative as we think!


You know what? I don't like them. I think they don't work unless all placed together. The 20p (alas, my favourite coin!) is the worst, with it's big empty space on the right - it looks like a blank.



Dave - I really like the 20p, and I'll be happy to take them off your hand...

What do the other side look like? Still that incredibly dated profile of Liz? They should jigsaw her up as well!


Daniel - yes the other side is a picture of the Queen.


Still not quite convinced somehow.
It bothers me there aren't any numerals on them – surely quite important for a coin? Tourists with very little English, etc?


Joe, that's a very good point. I've checked and there are no numbers on the front or back. It says TEN PENCE in words, but no numbers.

That, IMHO, is a big error.

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